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Healthy snack swap ideas

Snacking can either help your fast weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg, or hinder them. By making healthy snack swaps, you’ll see the results you want in a timely manner. Review the following ideas to get started.

Swap: Fat-Free Yogurt For Greek Yogurt

Fat-free yogurts often feature added sugars, with some even including candy and fruit syrup toppings. Select full-fat Greek yogurt the next time you’re at the grocery store instead, as you’ll consume considerably less added sugar. You’ll also get a nice portion of protein and calcium that helps you stay satiated and contributes to optimal bone health. 

Swap: Regular Jerky For Turkey Jerky

Instead of consuming high amounts of regular jerky that’s high in MSG, switch to turkey jerky. It’s leaner to help your weight loss efforts and lower your blood cholesterol levels. Read the labels on all jerky products before buying to ensure they are free of MSG and other highly-processed additives. 

Swap: Store-Bought Hummus For DIY Hummus

Store-bought hummus is a relatively healthy snack, but it’s typically high in sodium and other processed ingredients. Make your own hummus rather than relying on what your local grocery store has in stock. You will know every single ingredient that goes into the dip and can easily limit how much salt it features. 

Swap: Buttered Popcorn For Regular Popcorn

The butter and salt on microwave and movie popcorn equal tons of extra calories. Pop your own kernels and add a little bit of salt or other natural flavoring to enjoy a much healthier, guilt-free snack. 

Swap: Whole-Grain Chips For Flavored Nuts

Whole-grain chips often come in small packages in addition to providing few nutritional benefits. Rather than eating too many chips, go for flavored nuts. You’ll enjoy extra fiber and protein, and if you choose a nut that must be shelled, such as pistachios, you’ll slow down your eating time. 

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