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Healthy halloween tips

Halloween is the favorite holiday for many, but also laden with sweet treats designed to blow your diet. Rather than consuming way too much of the kids’ Halloween candy in one sitting, check out a few tips to ensure a happy and healthy Halloween for quick weight loss:

Don’t Feel Guilty

Forget calling Halloween a “cheat day.” Everyone is allowed to indulge every once in awhile, and if you eat one too many fun size candy bars, don’t beat yourself up. Simply make healthy decisions over the next few days and avoid the sweet stuff for awhile.

Work Out

Worried you’re going to consume way too much candy on Halloween night? Get up and work out that day, even if you didn’t plan on it. Go for a brisk walk, take a bike ride, use the cross-training equipment at your local park. Fall is a great time to exercise outdoors, so take advantage of it!

Drink Plenty of Water

This is something you should do every day, however it’s even more true on days where you’ll be surrounded by fattening temptations. The essential liquid curbs the appetite, so reach for your water glass instead of that bite of candy screaming your name.

Purchase Non-Candy Treats

If you know you’ll munch on the candy purchased for trick-or-treaters all night, hand out non-candy treats instead. Children will be just as thrilled to receive Halloween-themed erasers, plastic rings, pencils, and other fun trinkets, and you won’t feel terrible by the night’s end. Another option is to buy candy you know you don’t like to give out.

Don’t let Halloween make you feel bad about your diet! Enjoy the holiday, make smart choices, and know you can always make up for a little indulgence the next day. Happy Halloween!

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