Enjoying summer fairs and festivals does not have to mean injuring your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts. There are actually plenty of festival foods that offer nutritional benefits so you can feel satiated as you explore and have fun with friends. Review a few options to enjoy at warm weather events this season.

Corn On The Cob

“Corn on the cob is the healthiest and best choice at the fair,” says Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD, CDN. “It’s fresh, delicious, and high in fiber that can help fill you up until you can get to a real sit- down meal. Just go light on the butter, and you’re in great shape with this traditional summer fair snack.”

Turkey Leg

“Turkey leg is a great fair food to make a meal out of, and is likely big enough to share,” says Zeitlin. “It’s a good source of protein which will help you feel satisfied and curb any other cravings.”

The bird meat is also a great source of zinc.


“This power-packed legume is filled with fiber and protein and contains monounsaturated fats, which are known to be heart healthy,” says Fiorella DiCarlo RD, CDN.

The popular snack is also loaded with B vitamins, vitamin E, manganese, and potassium.


Regular pickles are another healthy festival food so long as you go for the regular instead of fried versions. Pickles are high in B vitamins and iron to keep your energy level high.


“Chicken, beef, turkey, or fish kebabs are great source of power-packed and metabolism-boosting protein and include a good dose of iron for energy and immune system building,” says DiCarlo.


“Ditch the bun and just have this classic dish grilled with some ketchup and relish on a plate, and use some lettuce to wrap it with while you walk,” says Zeitlin. “This protein-packed patty will have you feeling satisfied and energized all afternoon long.”

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