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Has your workout become too easy

Variation is key to many things, including fitness regimens. Varying your workout routine as much as possible is necessary to avoid adaptation, or when exercise becomes so easy the body no longer burns as many calories or tones as many muscles. Review the following signs your workout routine has become too easy and make adjustments as needed to boost the results of Phentermine 37.5mg:

Multiple Workouts

Are you performing multiple workouts a day? All that extra energy is great, but if you have time to run, use weights, and hit the gym with relative ease, it’s time to switch a few things. Multiple workouts a day also puts you at higher risk of injury as you don’t have as much time to recover, so look into something new and different to challenge you.

Same Intensity Level

Do you constantly work out at the same intensity level? Has it become so easy you barely break a sweat? Performing the same moves at the same level every day is the reason you aren’t losing weight or gaining muscle the way you were a few weeks ago. Change the intensity level to enjoy better results, such as doing yoga one day and going to a kickboxing class two days later.

No Breath Issues

Have you discovered you’re no longer out of breath following your workout? Try the talk/sing test to be sure. If you can talk or sing while performing your workout, it has become too easy. Opt for something a bit more challenging and try the same test–if you can’t talk or sing while you exercise, you know you’re performing one heck of a workout.

Vary your exercise routine the same way you vary your diet!

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