Wonder how some manage to lose weight and keep it off? Such people have certain habits in common that allow them to maintain their goal weight effectively. These habits were recently outlined in Prevention magazine, so let’s check a few of them out:

Food “Tracking”

People who have quick weight and keep it off have the great habit of tracking their food intake. “A lot of times we eat without even realizing it,” says Elle Penner, RD, for MyFitnessPal. “[Logging] just kind of brings attention to what we’re putting in our body—and it also helps people understand the energy that some foods have.”

Try using MyFitness Pal or another app, or simply keeping a food journal.

Staying Motivated

Remaining motivated to work out is also key in keeping unwanted weight off. Find what motivates you, whether it’s putting up a picture of yourself at your heaviest on your fridge, using assorted fitness apps to remind you about working out, joining a fitness class with friends, etc.

Cooking, Cooking, Cooking

Another way people keep the weight off is through…cooking! Rather than eating out or ordering takeout, they prepare healthy meals at home. Restaurant food is loaded with bad fats and calories, and puts you on the fast track to weight gain. Research a few new recipes instead and enjoy cooking healthy meals that help you stay slim.

Community Support

Working out with friends and family is another way people stay fit and healthy. Support from loved ones helps tremendously, and provides motivation on days when you just don’t feel like going running/walking/swimming/etc.

Use these methods to help yourself maintain your size!

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