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Habits of naturally-thin people

Want to know the secrets of the naturally-thin? There’s plenty of little tricks such people do on a daily basis that keeps their waistlines where they want them. Check out a few of these secrets and implement them as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen:

Wakeup Crunch

Get out of bed in the morning slowly without using your hands. Lean forward with your legs straight out in front of you so you feel a nice stretch in your hamstrings. Hold the position for a few seconds and use your abs to lower yourself back down. Repeat this action two more times to strengthen your core and burn 10 calories in the process.

Add Extra Protein To Your Breakfast

Enjoy some cheese or a hard-boiled egg following your breakfast cereal to keep you feeling full until lunch. Research indicates the earlier you eat the more likely you are to eat less as the day goes on, so eat a big breakfast and use it to satiate you for the next several hours. It ends up saving around 200 calories.

Balance Brushing

Stand on one leg while you brush your teeth. Alternate between legs as you switch brushing quadrants, or every 30 seconds. This act develops core muscles while burning 10 calories.

Half-N-Half Replacement

Replace the half-n-half in your coffee with 2% milk. Use the same amount and you’ll still save 60 calories!

Traffic Exercise

Squeeze your behind while sitting in traffic. Do so every time you brake and hold the position for 10 seconds. Aim for 10 to 15 squeezes per drive to burn 10 calories.

Casual Dress

Dress in clothes that provide you with more room to move. Research has found you walk more when your clothes aren’t so binding.

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