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Gym Suggestions In Denver

Denver, CO is a sizable city, making it challenging to find a high-quality, clean gym at a reasonable price. Everyone wants to be comfortable where they work out, so it’s important to research gyms before making a final decision. Many factors come into play when choosing a gym…do you want to walk to it? Interested in a large or small facility? Classes or no classes? Pricing also plays a significant role in deciding on the right gym for you. Denver A-List did a poll on the best gyms throughout Denver, so let’s take a look at the top three gyms people are raving about:

The number-one gym in Denver is Awaken Adult Gymnastics, which offers gymnastics-inspired fitness. Cardio classes and strength training options are both available. The idea at this gym is to better the mind, body, and soul if you want to become a better you both inside and out. With two highly-trained and experienced owners and a staff of talented individuals, you can’t go wrong at Awaken Gymnastics.

Apex Movement Denver came in at the number two spot for the Mile High City’s favorite gyms. At Apex there’s many advanced forms of fitness training and classes including parkour for both teens and adults, aerial training, freerunning, Brazilian martial arts, and much more. Stop by their incredible facility today and find out if it fits your needs.

The facility holding the number three spot in terms of best Denver gyms is Barre Forte, a women’s gym offering a variety of barre classes. Options include full body toning, below the belt (which focuses on the glutes), advanced barre, and barre express. Their Barre Express class is perfect for women on-the-go or those on their lunch break, as it’s a full toning workout in 40 minutes! Check out this empowering and amazing gym today.

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