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Gunnar peterson’s best exercise tips

Gunnar Peterson is one of Hollywood’s most popular personal trainers, and has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara, and Mike Tyson among many others. Check out some of Peterson’s best workout tips to help motivate your fast weight loss efforts:

Make Working Out Fun

Boring workouts are hard to stick to!

“I try to keep it fun,” Peterson says. “I try and put a little bit of levity in it, but at the same time, I don’t sacrifice the work. We may goof around and stuff, but we’re definitely going to goof around while we’re working.”

Do It For You

“I don’t want to sound trite but it has to come from inside. You have to be doing this for yourself. If you are doing this for anybody other than yourself, you are destined to fail, and if not, you will build resentment toward that person. I can’t tell you how many people’s spouses bought them 10 sessions, and they were reluctant, going in only on their spouse’s suggestion. Do it for you.”

Work the Whole Body

Peterson isn’t a fan of isolated moves, which don’t burn nearly as many calories for quick weight loss.

“I don’t do that many isolation movements, like single joint stuff,” he says. “I do bigger movements. If we’re going to do a lunge, we’re probably going to add an upper body component to it, like a lunge with a wood chop, a side lunge with a wood chop, or a rear lunge with a lateral raise, or a forward lunge with a front raise.”

Find the Time

“I’d rather have you do a short walk and an abbreviated workout than just bag the warmup and get right into the workout because now you’re courting injury, which is going to sideline you [and will] set back your whole fitness goal and program,” he notes.

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