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Grocery shopping tips that promote weight loss

Help Phentermine 37.5mg work its magic by learning how to grocery shop for weight loss. The following tips are designed to ensure you make smart choices every time you shop instead of picking up that bag of chips or box of cookies.

Do Not Shop Hungry

Never, ever shop when hungry. This is perhaps the golden rule of healthy grocery shopping! Visiting your local food market when you are famished makes unhealthy food selections much more likely because you are thinking with your stomach instead of your brain. Eat a meal or satiating snack before you go shopping to avoid this common mishap.

Work The Perimeter

Stick to the perimeter of your local grocery store, as this is where the majority of healthy foods are found. Start with the whole foods in the produce aisle to stock up on nutrient-dense vegetables and fruit, then head to the meat and dairy sections. Opt for lean rather than red meat, as well as vegan versions of your favorite milk and cheese products.

Make A List

Prevent impulse buys that pack on the pounds by making a list and sticking to it. Think about the healthy dishes you want to make that week, take inventory of what you already have, then create your list. You may also want to make a master list full of food staples, such as lentils, rice, and other dry goods, and add to it as needed. Adhering to your list will also keep you out of the snack and cookie aisle.

Read Labels

Read every packaged food label before throwing it in your cart. Look for saturated and trans fat content, as well as sugar and sodium levels. You might be surprised to find packaged foods you have relied on for a long time are chock-full of sodium or saturated fat.

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