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Give up this habit to lose weight faster

According to new study recently reviewed at an American Heart Association meeting, restaurants are the number-one reason for diet destruction. If you have started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen but are not seeing results as quickly as you would like, consider how often you eat out.

A Toxic Environment…And An Excuse

“You might think that everybody knows they’re at higher risk when they go into a restaurant, but people go out into these toxic environments and they forget,” says Lora Burke, a professor of nursing at the University of Pittsburgh and the study’s leader author.

The professor also notes that many view eating out as an excuse to break from their diet.

“We remind people that it’s not a diet they can go on and off; it’s a lifestyle,” she says. “It’s okay if they want to go out Friday night and eat wings, but then they need to cut back on Thursday and Saturday.”

Eating At Home

Eating meals at home usually results in better food choices, as kitchens and pantries generally feature fewer temptations. However, if a “temptation,” such as a fresh batch of cookies or a new bag of chips “appears” in the home, people are likely to give in 65 percent of the time. This is true even if people are home alone.

A Few Helpful Tips

Rather than relying on restaurant food during the week because you are too tired to cook, make large batches of healthy food on Saturday or Sunday so you have instant meals on weeknights. Turn restaurant food into an occasional indulgence, and if you do go out to eat, order condiments on the side and save half of your meal for the next day. Resist temptation at home by simply keeping junk food out of your house–it is much easier to resist temptation when you avoid it entirely.

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