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Get started now how to avoid holiday weight gain this year

According to a new study, holiday weight gain is not only very real (in case you didn’t know!), it also starts in October. Considering the amount of Halloween candy that’s around in the weeks before Thanksgiving, this isn’t a huge surprise.

“The weather may explain the gradual increase, but we also see these spikes that start about a week before the holiday and peak a few days after,” says Brian Wansink, PhD, the director of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab. “To me, that suggests that the holidays themselves aren’t the problem—it’s more the ramping up beforehand and all the Halloween candy or Thanksgiving leftovers or Christmas cookies you’re eating afterward.”

Rather than backtracking on your Phentermine 37.5mg-related efforts this holiday season, use the following tips to remain on the weight loss wagon.

Eat Before The Party

Never, ever go to a holiday party hungry! This is a practically surefire way to consume too many simple carbs, sugars, and bad fats. Eat a nutritious snack if not a healthy meal before you make your grand entrance. If you don’t have time to eat more than a few bites, drink a glass of water before making yourself a plate at the party. Water helps you feel less hungry.

Use Smaller Plates

Find the small plates at the party you’re attending and load it with healthy snacks, such as carrot and celery sticks from the vegetable tray, as well as other nutritious options such as hummus and whole wheat crackers. Feel free to enjoy a sweet treat or two, but make your (small) plate mainly about healthy options.

Stay Away

Help yourself avoid bad food decisions during holiday parties by staying out to the rooms with the food! Distract yourself by talking to friends and family, letting any children in attendance show you their new toy or pet, dancing, and otherwise having a non-food-related good time.

Look for Part Two of this series for more great tips!

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