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Fun ways to lose weight

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a painful process! There’s plenty of fun ways to lose the weight you want, either with friends or by yourself. Check out some of the best options for fast weight loss and having a great time besides:


Go out dancing with friends or have a dance party at home! There’s even fitness classes that feature club-like atmospheres so you may dance the night away. Dancing provides a fantastic low-impact workout that makes burning calories really fun.

Local Parks

The cross-training equipment found in many parks provides a fun and varied way to get some exercise. Bring a few friends, go on a power walk, and see what you can make of the equipment. Try pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, and anything else that challenges you and gets your heart pumping for quick weight loss.


Do you have a dog, or dog-sit frequently? Have fun with Fido by going on long, brisk walks together, racing each other, playing Frisbee…both you and the pooch will be tuckered out by the day’s end!

Dinner Parties

Dinner parties are always a good time, especially when they’re potluck. Tell friends and family to bring over their favorite low-calorie dishes at your next party and enjoy tasting new recipes and getting ideas for future lunches and dinners.


Always wanted to work out with a trainer? “Go in” on a trainer with friends and work out together. You’ll save money on the trainer’s fee and have fun chatting as you work your way through the sweat session.

Celebratory Excursions

Celebrate weight loss goals by indulging in a spa day with family and friends. Get a massage, a manicure, pedicure, facial…you’ve been working hard, after all.

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