With prices of food and gas so expensive in Los Angeles and the rest of the country everyone is always looking for ways to save money. A great way to save cash and boost the benefits of Phentermine 37.5mg supplements is finding free workout options, whether they be free gym trials, free exercise classes, exercise walks with friends at the park, etc. Check out a few ideas to get you started on your budget-friendly workout in Los Angeles.

If you enjoy jogging or power walking, choose from plenty of beautiful canyons and beaches in and around the City of Angels. The beautifully-green Griffith Park on Crystal Springs Drive is a great spot to go for a jog or walk, as it offers a number of scenic trails. Horseback riding is another fun option at this famous park. Other possibilities include the famous Santa Monica Beach to Venice Beach strip where you’ll find people biking, running, walking, laying on the beach, and more. This is a great strip for a long bike ride or jog while you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful scenery when exercising is always a plus, is it not?

Should jogging and biking not be your favorites, there’s many yoga classes to take advantage of in Los Angeles. Several places offer “pay what you can,” or low-priced yoga classes to help save your piggy bank. Some of the yoga studios participating in such programs include Bronson Canyon Yoga, Bikram Yoga Silver Lake, Runyon Canyon Park, Griffith Park Yoga, and Santa Monica Yoga. Check a class out this weekend!

Enjoy getting in great shape without maxing out credit cards or otherwise spending money you need for other things. Happy sweating!

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