While some foods add to the waistline, others help you keep it trim. There’s a whole host of healthy foods that help the body burn fat, and are especially helpful if you started taking Phentermine 37.5mg. If you’re new to the miracle weight loss supplement and want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to boost its effects, check out five foods that make welcome additions to your diet:


The super-fatty fish is loaded with essential omega 3 fatty acids, something the body doesn’t produce but needs to stay healthy. The essential fatty acid is believed to help reduce fat stores by lowering levels of the hormone cortisol. It also helps burn muscle, and the more muscle on your body, the more calories you’ll burn.

Sweet Potato

So long as you leave the bacon bits, sour cream, cheese, and similar toppings off your sweet potatoes, you’ve got yourself a nice, fiber-laden fat burner. Add a little olive oil to save calories, and keep in mind there’s plenty of other reasons to eat sweet potatoes, such as their vitamin C, potassium, and beta carotene content.


Nuts are a protein and fiber-heavy option that’s also high in omega 3 fatty acids. A handful of nuts is an excellent snack!


Yogurt is full of calcium, a mineral that helps you stay thin by helping prevent storage of fat. Greek yogurt is an especially healthy choice, as it features twice as much protein as other options, which helps you stay full for longer. Go for low-sugar, low-fat yogurts for best results.


Avocado greatly contributes to an efficient metabolism, as it lowers inflammation, keeps the blood vessels clear and healthy, and burns calories thanks to its fiber content.

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