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Foods and drinks to avoid while taking phentermine

What you eat is essential to Phentermine 37.5mg success. Not only do the right foods help the miracle drug work more efficiently, they actually prevent weight gain. If you don’t eat enough healthy fare, the body goes into “starvation mode” and holds on to the fat it has. Prevent that by creating a healthy diet and remembering to avoid these foods and drinks.


Foods made with white sugar dramatically increase the chance of obesity by elevating the body’s insulin resistance. It also increases the risk of diabetes by contributing to high cholesterol levels. Stick to natural forms of sugar that do not cause these problems, such as fruit, while remembering to read labels before you buy. Even seemingly “healthy” options such as dried fruit and fruit beverages can contain added sugar.

Simple Carbohydrates

The body turns simple carbohydrates into sugar, making them another food group to avoid. Because simple carbs get digested so quickly, the body does not have time to use them as fuel. They get stored as fat instead. White bread, pastries, and white pasta are among the many simple carbohydrates to leave out of your diet.

Acidifying Foods

Any food with high acid content does nothing for Phentermine pills. These foods expedite the drug’s elimination from the body, meaning it won’t do everything it can to help you lose weight. Foods with white flour are typically high in acid, while drinks such as soda, coffee, alcohol, and energy drinks must also be avoided. Dairy products such as butter and ice cream are also high in acid. Alcohol is particularly detrimental since it slows liver function to decrease the amount of fat you burn.
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