Regular exercise is paramount to Phentermine 37.5mg success, and to an overall healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking to incorporate more exercise into your day but don’t know where to begin, review the following tips and enjoy improving your fitness level:

Morning Stretch

Wake up and stretch! Start each day with a nice stretch and feel even more ready to take on your to-do list. Lie on an exercise mat if you want, or simply stay in bed. Try sitting up without help, elongating your arms above your head, touching your toes, etc. Simple stretches such as these help the blood circulate so you wake up faster in addition to getting you up and moving.

“Under 15” Workout

Work out in under 15 minutes in the morning to further help your weight loss efforts. Perform exercises such as squats, front lunges, reverse lunges, side planks, and push-ups for one minute each before taking a quick break, then repeating each set. These are merely some examples of working out at home to help yourself burn fat.

Energy-Boosting Exercises

Increase your energy for the day by doing 20 jumping jacks, 20 seconds of running in place, 20 seconds of invisible jump rope, and 20 seconds of high-knee jogging. All of these exercises combined take under two minutes to complete….and you’ll feel great!

Lunchtime Walk

Go for a walk during your lunch hour to reduce work-related stress and give yourself a little pick-me-up. Even 10 minutes will increase your energy level for the next two hours. Try walking every day to beat the mid-afternoon slump that usually has you reaching for a bagel or donut. Lunchtime walks are even better if you’re near a park or other natural area.

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