While many fitness trends offer the health and wellness benefits people want and need, others should simply disappear. Review five fitness trends to avoid this year as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen:

Cat Yoga

Cat yoga is available at a cat shelter and cafe in New York City. It involves…yoga with cats. While this is a cute idea, it is also one that pulls you from your purpose: strengthening your mind and body. Stick to yoga without the feline companionship so you focus on your workout instead of how cute and furry the four-legged friends are. Goat yoga is a similar trend that needs to fall by the fitness wayside.

Kangoo Jumps Aerobics Classes

Kangoo jumps are those anti-gravity shoes people are strapping to their feet for hour-long aerobics classes. These shoes are expensive at up to $300 a pair and do little more than standard sneakers. Save your money!

Beer & Wine Yoga

These classes end with a beer or glass of vino, and typically occur at breweries and wineries. Drinking wine or beer after a fitness class of any kind sets you back in terms of empty calories and sugar, and since there are plenty of other drinking events available, why add libations to your exercise routine? Limit your alcohol intake to special events to help yourself shed weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Electric Shock Suits

Electric shock suits rode the coattails of shock belts to become a popular fitness trend. The suits stimulate muscles as the individual performs a variety of exercises, such as lunges and squats. Yet the science behind these suits is questionable, and they are also quite expensive. Again, save your money!
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