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Fitness tips from bob greene

Bob Greene is a celebrity exercise guru and the former trainer of Oprah Winfrey. If looking to revitalize your fitness routine or begin one for the first time, check out some of Greene’s best workout and diet tips to get you started for fast weight loss:

Nurture Yourself

“Draw a circle and divide it into wedges, like a pie,” the trainer writes. “Label each wedge with some aspect of your life — your finances, your kids, your spouse — then, using a plus or a minus sign, note whether each area is going well. Work on nurturing areas that you’re unhappy with, and your weight will be easier to control.”

Don’t Take Time Off

Taking time off from working out, whether because it’s the holidays or another reason, certainly won’t help you.

“It only makes you feel worse,” says Greene. “You need to re-educate yourself as to why you eat right and exercise: to create a better life. You’ll have better energy and are more likely to feel better.”

Stay Away From the Scale

“Stay off the scale for the first month to six weeks [of your new workout regimen,” Greene suggests. Scales are often inaccurate and can be discouraging if you haven’t lost as much as you wanted.

Ease Into a New Diet

“Don’t give up all your comfort foods at once, and don’t look at snacks as foods that get you into trouble,” Greene says. “Snacks are effective weight loss tools. They bridge hunger and help you not to overdo it at a meal.”

Focus on the Outcome

“Everybody loves exercise when it’s done,” Greene notes. “Exercise, when done right, is never painful, but involves discomfort. Focus on the effects.”

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