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Fitness Tips For Fall

It is still summer for another few weeks, however many are already very excited about fall–crisp, cool weather, beautiful leaf changes, fun festivals…the list goes on. As you make the transition from summer to fall, be sure to implement a few workout changes. Use the following tips to ensure an easy transition and help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts:

Take Advantage Of The Cooler Weather

Did you get sick of working out in blazing summer temperatures? Who can blame you? Revel in the fact that the weather is no longer 98 degrees Fahrenheit by working out outdoors this fall. Go for exercise walks, take bike rides on trails filled with pretty foliage, or simply jump rope and dance around your backyard. Enjoy exercising outdoors while you can, as soon it will be too cold and icy to do so (depending on where you live, of course)!

Wear Layers

Keep the cooler temperatures in mind when exercising outside. You will likely feel chilly when you first start working out, but as your body temperature rises your hoodie or sweatshirt will want to come off. Use layers so you can add and subtract as needed. If enjoying a run on a colder morning, be sure to wear a hat. The head loses a whole lot of heat!

Be Smart

Remember, the days are getting shorter, so take the necessary precautions if you like to exercise after work. Wear reflective gear as needed and carry a flashlight to keep your path bright. Stay on designated paths as well, as you do not want to find yourself lost as it is getting dark!

Freeze Your Gym Membership

Freeze your gym membership for a few months if you know your workouts are going to be exclusively outdoors. Why pay for a service you are not using?

Have fun working out this fall, and stay safe!

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