The newest season of Dancing With The Stars has begun, and with it plenty of dance pros and celebs flaunting what they’ve got. If you recently started a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen and could use a few fitness tips to keep yourself motivated, review what dancing pros from seasons past and present have to say about staying fit and eating right:

Sharna Burgess

“I need to be equally as fit on and off season,” Burgess told People magazine. “During the season I have less time for the gym – especially once we get into the final weeks. But if I cannot get my cardio in, I try and take a hot yoga class for stretching and calming my energy.

“The best form of exercise is one that you enjoy,” she added. “Find a local dance studio, take a friend to hot yoga – make it a social thing if you struggle to find the motivation. Once there are changes in your body and your energy levels, that will be all the motivation you need.”

Chelsie Hightower

“Because it works every part of your body,” Hightower said when asked why dancing is such an amazing workout. “And even though it’s hard, it’s fun, so that keeps you going. Dancing has a lot of other benefits. It also lifts your spirits in that it loosens you up, makes you more outgoing, raises your confidence level, and relieves stress.”

Cheryl Burke

Burke is all about healthy snacks…and eating breakfast.

“I used to skip breakfast,” she has said. “But now I know it gets your metabolism going and prevents you from overeating later. My go-to meal is an egg white omelet with lowfat cheese and whole wheat toast.”

Louis van Amstel

The dancing pro recommends starting the day with something physical.

“[It] can help you stay healthy throughout the day,” he noted. “Also if you work out first thing, you can’t be distracted by excuses.”

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