The fall is officially here, which means the kids are now in school and looking for activities to do after school. If you want to spend as much time with your kiddies as possible but do not want to skimp on your workouts, there’s plenty of options available. Review a few possibilities for staying active while having a great time with your young ones:

Daily Walks

Go for daily walks around the neighborhood in the morning or evening…or both! These times are ideal because the weather is cooler. Maintain a brisk pace and encourage your kids to skip, gallop, jump, etc. Try jumping and galloping with them! They’ll love that they get to run around and be silly with you.

Skating Rink

Take the kids to the local roller skating rink and be sure to get in on the fun. Skating is a great leg workout that also engages the abs. Fly around the rink with the kids and enjoy something you probably did as a child.

Park Time

Enjoy spending time at the local park with your kids. Take advantage of cross-training equipment as you circle the park, play frisbee, have a catch, play touch football, or do anything else that gets your heart pumping.

Beach Fun

Take a day trip to the beach with the kids. Go swimming with them, which is always a fantastic workout that’s also low-impact. Walk on the beach at a brisk pace or go for a run. Sand is much more forgiving than concrete and won’t hurt joints the way the latter does. Challenge yourself to run as far and as long as you can down the beach…bring the kids with you or have your partner watch them while you go the distance.

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