Help yourself survive Halloween candy, tailgating parties, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations by preparing recipes with fall’s best weight loss foods. Review some of these foods to help yourself stay on the weight loss train amidst holiday parties and seemingly-endless leftovers.


Yes, eating a whole lot of pumpkin pie isn’t going to do much for your waistlinehat h, however the vegetable is loaded with beta-carotene and other carotenoids telp prevent metabolic syndrome. Pumpkin is also very low in calories. Try adding roasted pumpkin cubes to salads, using pumpkin puree to reduce the amount of fat in baked goods, and finding other healthy pumpkin recipe options.


Cinnamon is celebrated as one of fall’s most beloved scents. It also keeps your blood pressure steady by improving insulin sensitivity, helps slow digestion, and prevents mid-afternoon cravings from taking over. Add it to your smoothie, sprinkle it on oatmeal, and use it to season root veggies and vegetable stews.


Pecans are another fall favorite that keep blood sugar steady and prevent you from feeling hungry…and therefore more likely to consume those sugar cookies staring you in the face. The nut is an excellent source of healthy fat as well. Enjoy handfuls of pecans on a daily basis, or try grinding them to create a fantastic bread crumb alternative.


Apples contain nearly 20 percent of your daily fiber intake. Some of the fruit’s fiber is soluble, meaning it helps slow digestion and prevents sugar cravings from taking over. Apples also promote healthy gut bacteria, which is increasingly believed to play a vital role in maintaining weight. Try eating Granny Smith apples, as they are particularly high in polyphenols and non-digestible fibers that contribute to gut health.

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