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Fall fitness tips

We’re well into fall, a beautiful time of year ideal for getting up and moving. The weather is perfect for outdoor fun, so if planning on starting an exercise regimen, check out some of the fun options for fast weight loss to try before the weather turns frigid:

Water Activities

Fall may not seem like the ideal time to go to the beach, but it’s much less crowded, and allows for favorite activities such as running along the coastline. If you’re into water sports, try canoeing and kayaking along your favorite river.

Autumn-Themed Activities

There’s plenty going on in the fall, such as pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and assorted haunted trails. All allow you to burn calories and have a great time besides. If you’re particularly ambitious, try a haunted trail–there’s nothing like running from zombies with chainsaws to get those calories burned!

Running Groups

Fall is a great time to join a running or walking group, as you won’t sweat profusely like you would in the summer. Find one near you and enjoy all such groups have to offer, which include meeting new people in addition to promoting healthy lifestyles. Some groups operate in the evening, and utilize reflective clothing.

Raking Leaves

Raking leaves may not be the most fun activity of all time, but it’s necessary to keep grass healthy during the long winter. It’s also a great full-body activity that burns plenty of calories.

Fall TV Shows

Are your favorite shows back on TV? Enjoy them, either by yourself and with friends, while performing squats and lunges, favorite yoga moves, lifting weights, etc.

Park Options

Does your local park feature extensive cross-training equipment? Use the weather as a great exercise to challenge yourself and make good work of such equipment.

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