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Extra weight linked to “thinning brains”

A new study from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found having a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) and wider waistline in your 60s contributes to more serious brain aging signs in later years. The study, which was published in the medical journal Neurology®, found these weight issues can increase brain aging by up to 10 years. Learn about this study as motivation for continuing on your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss journey.

Thinning Cortexes

The study involved 1,289 people, with 64 the average age. The majority of the participants were Latino. Their waist circumferences and BMIs were measured at the beginning of the study, and six years later the participants underwent MRI scans.

“People with bigger waists and higher BMI were more likely to have thinning in the cortex area of the brain, which implies that obesity is associated with reduced gray matter of the brain,” said study author Tatjana Rundek, M.D., Ph.D., a UHealth neurologist, professor of neurology, epidemiology, and public health and scientific director of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Research Institute.

“These associations were especially strong in those who were younger than 65, which adds weight to the theory that having poor health indicators in mid-life may increase the risk for brain aging and problems with memory and thinking skills in later life,” said Dr. Rundek.

Weight Loss & Healthier Brains

The study shows that weight loss contributes to healthy aging.

“In normal aging adults, the overall thinning rate of the cortical mantle is between 0.01 and 0.10 mm per decade, and our results would indicate that being overweight or obese may accelerate aging in the brain by at least a decade,” Dr. Rundek continued.

“These results are exciting because they raise the possibility that by losing weight, people may be able to stave off aging of their brains and potentially the memory and thinking problems that can come along with brain aging,” he said. “However, with the rising number of people globally who are overweight or obese and the difficulty many experience with losing weight, obviously this is a concern for public health in the future as these people age.”

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