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Exercise tips for the holiday season

Shopping for dinner, shopping for gifts, welcoming friends and family to your home, attending holiday parties….the most wonderful time of the year adds a lot to your schedule. Rather than feeling like you have no time to work out this holiday season and slowing your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts, use the following tips and tricks to sweat the pounds off now through New Year’s.

Walk After Each Meal

Go for a brisk, long walk after every large holiday meal. Take a friend or family member with you–or at least the dog–to prevent calories from piling on. Keep your muscles and joints active with this low-impact exercise that’s just as effective as jogging or running.

Play Football

Enjoy fun games of touch or flag football with the family this holiday. Football is a holiday tradition for many families, so feel free to grab the pigskin and get moving. The sport involves a heck of a lot of running, and functions as another fantastic post-meal exercise.

Bring Exercise Accessories With You

Pack exercise bands, light hand weights, jump rope, and other portable exercise accessories with you this holiday if you’re traveling to be with family. Don’t let the travel excuse stop you from working out–get up and exercise before the day’s activities begin if you can. Encourage other family members to work out with you–it gives you the opportunity to spend more time together and feel less guilty about eating that second helping of stuffing.

Wear Your Running Shoes

Wear your running/walking/general workout shoes with you whenever possible and use random intervals to work out. Got 20 minutes before dinner? Go for a quick walk. Have some time to kill before visiting friends? Jump rope in your backyard. Get creative with your workouts to stay slim through the holidays.

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