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Exercise dramatically changes fat

Research from Joslin Diabetes Center found exercise can actually change how the body processes fat. Learn about this fascinating new study as part of your Phentermine 37.5 mg weight loss commitment. The study was published in the online version of Nature Metabolism.

Trained Fat”

Fat cells release proteins called adipokines. These proteins increase with obesity to negatively impact health and metabolism.

“In contrast to the negative effects of many adipokines, our study identified transforming growth factor beta 2 (TGF-beta 2) as an adipokine released from adipose tissue (fat) in response to exercise that actually improves glucose tolerance,” says Laurie J. Goodyear, PhD, Head of Joslin’s Section on Integrative Physiology and Metabolism and study co-author.

Exercise stimulated TGF-beta 2 production in obese mice to improve glucose tolerance. The TGF beta 2 protein also benefited these mice, as it decreased blood lipid levels and improved metabolic health.

“The fact that a single protein has such important and dramatic effects was quite impressive,” says Goodyear, who is also a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Changing The Fat

Exercise literally has the power to change fat according to this research.

Our hypothesis was that exercise is changing the fat, and as a result of that change, the fat releases these beneficial proteins into the bloodstream,” says Goodyear. “Before this discovery, we always just focused on the positive effects of muscle.”

Even lactic acid, which the body releases during exercise, has a positive effect on fat. The acid travels to the fat, resulting in the release of the TGF beta 2 protein.

“This research really revolutionizes the way we think about exercise, and the many metabolic effects of exercise. And, importantly, that fat is actually playing an important role in the way exercise works,” says Goodyear.
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