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Excessive drinking in older age adds 4cm to waist

A new study from the University College London has found over half of those aged 59 or older that have been “heavy drinkers” for most of their lives are at an increased risk for expanded waistlines. They also increase their risk of stroke. Learn about this study as you make weight loss changes with help from Phentermine 37.5mg. The study was published in the journal Addiction.

Heavy Alcohol Consumption Over A Lifetime

Drinking large amounts of alcohol throughout a lifetime has a range of health consequences, including poor liver function, high blood pressure, and increased risk of stroke. It also has effects on body weight, with heavy drinkers more likely to have higher body mass indexes (BMI) and wider waistlines. Even if you stop drinking heavily before the age of 50, these risks remain; however, drinking less alcohol or no alcohol at any time in life is beneficial.

“Alcohol misuse, despite the common perception of young people binge drinking, is common among older adults, with alcohol related hospital admissions in England being the highest among adults aged over 50,” said study author Dr Linda Ng Fat of the UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care.

“Previous studies have focused on single snapshots of consumption, which has the potential to mask the cumulative effects of drinking. This study raises awareness of the effect of alcohol consumption over the life-course.”

Identifying Heavy Drinkers

The study identified heavy drinkers by asking how much you drink and how often, including how often you binge, or have six or more alcoholic beverages over a relatively short time period. For example, a person who has three to four drinks four or more times weekly is considered a “hazardous drinker.”

Lifetime hazardous drinkers typically have the largest waistlines and BMI over those who do not fall into the category.

“This suggests that the longer adults engage in heavy drinking the larger their waistline in older age. That is why it is beneficial, along with other health benefits, that adults reduce heavy drinking earlier rather than later,” noted Dr. Ng Fat.

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