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Estimating calorie content isn’t as “clear cut” as people think

correctly judge how many calories they are consuming at each meal. Findings were published in Appetite magazine. Take a moment to learn about this study to help make better meal decisions while taking Phentermine 37.5mg.

Inaccurate Judgements=Overeating & Weight Gain

Failing to determine the right portion size is a known factor in weight gain, yet people still have trouble according to study lead author Dr. Mei Peng of the University’s Department of Food Science.

It is very important to understand how people make these decisions, particularly in the current food environment, where foods are more accessible, palatable and energy-dense than ever.

“There is already a large body of literature suggesting that people can vary considerably in terms of knowledge about food, but there is little understanding about how people differ from one another when making subconscious decisions about food,” she says.

Problems With Determining Food’s “Energy Density”

The 70 study participants were typically good at determining the amount of food they should eat in one sitting, but had problems identifying the energy density of their meal choices.

“We were particularly surprised to see substantial variations across people for judging food calories.

“Although people are generally good at differentiating high-calorie foods from low-calorie foods, this judgement process appears to be more intuitive for some than others. For some people, if a high-calorie food is presented in a small quantity, it appears to be less ‘unhealthy’,” Dr. Peng says.

Better Labels?

Dr. Peng calls for detailed food labels to help consumers avoid energy density-related food issues.

“It is very important for us to make deliberate effort to plan our meals and snacks to ensure we don’t overeat.

“Relative to controlling food portions, paying close attention to food calories, and making good food choices are possibly more important for weight maintenance or weight loss.”

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