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If you are looking for a high-quality weight loss supplement to support your weight loss goals, you have probably come across the Phentermine vs. Ephedra debate. Phentermine is the revolutionary weight loss supplement designed to suppress appetite and help people lose weight. In a similar fashion, Ephedra is a weight loss aid that is also used to treat colds and hay fever. If you are on the fence as to which weight loss supplement to choose, this article will help you make an educated decision.

Phentermine Vs. Ephedra Key Differences

There are some important differences to consider when choosing either Phentermine or Ephedra as a weight loss solution. While Phentermine is a stimulant that works by reducing hunger and increasing metabolism, Ephedra stimulates the heart, lungs, and nervous system to cause weight loss. Additionally, Phentermine’s sole purpose is to promote weight loss. While Ephedra is also used as a weight loss supplement, it is also used to help with other ailments, such as the common cold. Other significant differences between Phentermine and Ephedra are their long-term effects and relative safety. While Phentermine has been shown to help with sustained weight loss, people who use Ephedra tend to gain the weight back after discontinuing use of the drug. And while they both have side effects, only Ephedra has been deemed unsafe by the FDA, and linked to large numbers of deaths.


Derived from the plant Ephedra sinica, Ephedra is a popular Chinese herbal remedy, and has been used in Chinese medicine for approximately 5,000 years to treat hay fever, asthma, and the common cold.

Ephedra, in combination with caffeine and aspirin, is also used to promote weight loss. Studies indicate Ephedra is an effective weight loss supplement when taken in a supervised, regulated environment. However, the weight loss achieved using Ephedra is rarely long-lasting and its effects are frequently described as “marginal” and “short-term.” However, there is not enough research that conclusively shows whether or not Ephedra is an effective long-term weight loss solution.

Ephedra is no stranger to fatal side effects, and has been linked to over 155 deaths since 2004. Studies advise that Ephedra be “taken with extreme caution.” Additionally, the FDA has deemed Ephedra to be unsafe for consumption with dangerous side effects that include irregular heartbeat, chest pain, severe headache, seizures, and mood changes. The sale of Ephedra became illegal in 2004 when baseball player, Steve Bechler, died after taking an ephedra supplement. According to the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide, the FDA’s decision to ban Ephedra was due to over 16,000 reports of negative health effects associated with Ephedra use. Due to fine print in the banning, however, dietary supplement companies are still able to use the drug, although its use is highly regulated. Despite the many warnings and deaths surrounding Ephedra use, it is still widely used as a weight loss aid.


Approved in 1959 to treat obesity, Phentermine is a quick weight loss supplement available by prescription or over the counter, and is one of the most frequently prescribed weight loss supplements in the United States. If purchasing the non-prescription form of this premier diet pill through, you will still require a consultation with Phentermine doctor, James Kojian.

Phentermine works by affecting the nervous system and suppressing appetite. Unlike Ephedra, however, Phentermine allows for sustained weight loss long after the Phentermine regimen is over. Because it acts as an appetite suppressant, the stomachs of people who use it naturally shrink. This helps to decrease appetite months after the Phentermine regimen ends, helping users keep the weight off. Many who have taken Phentermine applaud its abilities to help them lose weight, and report that the weight stays off.

Phentermine is not without potentially harmful side effects. Many side effects associated with Phentermine use include dry mouth, headache, irritability, and others. However, despite its side effects, this miracle pill is still arguably much safer than Ephedra.

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