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Enlist support of family members while taking phentermine

Starting a Phentermine 37.5mg means you’re committed to losing weight and being your best, healthiest self. Support from family members is one of the many ways to keep yourself on the right track, so feel free to let your loved ones know that you’re starting a Phentermine regimen and can use their support whenever possible.

Check out a few ways to obtain family support while taking Phentermine:

Exercise Together

Ask family members to go on walks with you, ride bikes, go swimming, take a yoga or kickboxing class, go dancing…anything that burns calories and appeals to all of you is ideal. Encouraging family members to work out with you will likely inspire them to get in better shape!

Cook Together

Enjoy creating healthy, hearty meals together. Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be boring, it’s actually quite the opposite! Find recipes that appeal to everyone in the family and spend some time creating mouth-watering dishes that contribute to a faster metabolism, healthy heart, etc.

Keep Them Updated

Keep your family members updated on your progress. Let them know how many pounds you’ve lost over the last two weeks, or that you’ve found a new hiking trail you’re making great use of. Talk to them about what you’re doing and enjoy their feedback. Ask them for suggestions as well, such as new exercises to try or ways to beat the insomnia that sometimes accompanies Phentermine use. Get their support by not only providing updates of your progress, but asking their opinions.

Find Substitutions

Find food substitutions family members will applaud, such as olive oil in place of butter or healthy rather than sugar-heavy cereals. Make gradual changes so they don’t feel overwhelmed, and help make everyone in your household healthier.

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