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Early birds make healthier food choices than night owls according to new study

Those who are early to rise appear to make better food choices than those who stay up late according to a new study from the National Institute for Health and Welfare at the Department of Public Health Solutions in Helsinki, Finland. The study was published in the science journal Obesity. If you are a late-night fan, consider the following information to help your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts.

An Extra Advantage

“Early birds may have an extra advantage over night owls when it comes to fighting obesity as they are instinctively choosing to eat healthier foods earlier in the day,” said The Obesity Society spokesperson Courtney Peterson, PhD, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Previous studies have shown that eating earlier in the day may help with weight loss and lower the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. What this new study shows is that our biological clocks not only affect our metabolism but also what we choose to eat.”

A Clear Difference

Researchers studied data from some 2,000 participants to determine if their daytime or nighttime preferences affected their eating habits. “Morning people” generally made healthy choices all day long, while “night people” consumed less protein and more sucrose in the morning. They also ate more sucrose in the evening, as well as more saturated fatty acids and fat.

A Fresh Perspective

“Linking what and when people eat to their biological clock type provides a fresh perspective on why certain people are more likely to make unhealthy food decisions,” said Mirkka Maukonen, the study leader from the National Institute for Health and Welfare at the Department of Public Health Solutions. “This study shows that evening type people have less favorable eating habits, which may put them at a higher risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.”

Learning more about your biological clock and why you make certain food choices at different times of day is one of the study’s big takeaways, and key in helping you lose weight.

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