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Don’t mistake these feelings for hunger, part two

Learn more about feelings frequently confused for hunger in Part Two of this series. Understanding the difference between such feelings and real hunger is necessary to weight loss success, and very helpful to a Phentermine 37.5mg regimen. Check it out:


Using rich food to comfort yourself when feeling sad is a common problem for many. Eating such foods provides temporary relief only, and when said food is gone, the feelings are still there. Guilt often accompanies these feelings and makes you feel even worse. Avoid this by paying more attention to what you are consuming, eating slowly, and recognizing when you’re full.


You might not have had a thought about donuts in a very long time, but if you keep passing that box of pastries in the breakroom at work, it could easily become all you think about.

“Just seeing food can increase the release of dopamine, which drives the reward and pleasure center in the brain—and hunger,” says Angel Planells, MS, RDN, CD, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spokesperson. “Sometimes it’s just out of thought, out of mind, but if it’s right in front of you all day, it tends to wear down your willpower.”

Avoid temptation by keeping junk food out of the house, or at least in the pantry. If sweets are a constant at work, eat at your desk, or outside.

Medication Side Effects

Some medications, such as those for seizures, increase your appetite. If you find yourself gaining weight after taking a new prescription, talk to your doctor about other medication options.


Visiting your grandparents, baking a cookie recipe from childhood, walking past a bakery you visited as a teenager…nostalgia is a powerful thing, and one that could easily make you overeat. Don’t fret about indulging in favorite foods that remind you of special pastimes…just don’t make it a habit!

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