Many celebrities, bloggers, and other social media “influencers” routinely promote weight loss products on their feeds, such as special teas and even lollipops. These people are getting paid to promote these products, all of which health experts say you shouldn’t use. Learn more about this phenomenon as you plan your Phentermine 37.5mg-inspired weight loss regimen.

Private Chefs & Personal Trainers

Celebrities and influencers promoting weight loss products typically have staff that help them stay in shape.

If you are smart enough you know they are more than likely not using it. Most of them have private chefs and they have a personal trainer and you are capable of the same things. They are teasing you with the easy way out,” one woman told researchers from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. “I don’t bother anymore because it feels like you’re being taken advantage of.”

I don’t trust anything on social media. Everybody is out to make a buck,” another woman told university researchers.

The Hashtag Factor

Cyber expert and CEO of security firm FitechGelb Ian Marlow noted the #influencer hashtag is a warning sign to beware.

The reason they are doing that is, essentially, they are modern day sponsors. As a modern day sponsor, they understand they have been given access to a certain product. They try that product and in some cases they may not even try that product,” he said.

Nutrition experts echo Marlow’s words, saying there is no quick fix to weight loss and how it is much more effective to “phase out” processed and sugary foods while focusing on whole meals and exercise. Even phentermine pills are much more effective when they are paired with the right diet and workout program.

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