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Does Cinnamon Water Help With Weight Loss?

Cinnamon is an amazing spice with an array of health benefits, as it features anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties among many others. Water featuring a dose of the aromatic spice is being touted as the next great weight loss drink, but does it really help shed unwanted pounds? Read on to discover if the drink is something to add to your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen.

The Concept

The idea behind cinnamon water is that it lowers your blood sugar levels (which it does) to help you lose weight. Spikes in blood sugar leave many craving donuts and other fattening foods. Since cinnamon controls glucose levels, it is believed to help reduce the appetite and keep people feeling full.

“No Evidence”

“There’s no evidence that cinnamon improves fullness,” says Elisabetta Politi, R.D., a nutritionist with Duke Health. She notes that more research is necessary to determine the full extent of cinnamon’s weight loss benefits. However, it could still prove itself as a worthy contender in the future.

A Healthy Alternative

Despite the lack of evidence surrounding cinnamon as a weight loss tool, the spice is still a wonderful alternative to plain water. Some people do not drink as much water as they should because they “do not like the taste,” which dehydrates them and creates a slew of health problems. Additionally, dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger and results in binges when a few glasses of water would suffice. Adding cinnamon to water is subsequently a fantastic way to flavor the vital liquid and increase your fluid intake. More fluids equal less hunger pangs as well as less susceptibility to dry mouth, a common Phentermine side effect.

Enjoy cinnamon water as part of your new weight loss regimen!

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