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Do you have a food addiction

Are you suffering from food addiction and don’t realize it? Many struggle with a dependency on food, resulting in weight gain and a slew of other physical, emotional, and mental problems. Rather than allowing this addiction to take over your life, learn the telltale signs and get the help you need for fast weight loss:


Is guilt a frequent emotion you associate with your eating? This is a common issue for overeaters. They tell themselves they won’t indulge “this time,” but end up doing so anyway, resulting in feelings of guilt.


Do others frequently criticize how much you eat? Whether such criticism comes in the form of gentle concern or harsh words, if you get really upset whenever someone brings up how much you eat, it could indicate over-attachment to food.

Cutting Down

Is the idea of “cutting down” on how much you eat a constant thought? It’s not unusual for people to overeat every once in awhile, however it is problematic when it happens all the time. If you’re always plagued by thoughts of cutting down on your food consumption, you’re likely facing a minor to major food addiction.

Middle-of-the-Night Eating

Another common symptom of food addiction is waking up in the morning and noticing food from the fridge or kitchen counter is missing. You may not know how “it all disappeared,” or you may remember waking up in the middle of the night to eat. Either way, you’re consuming a whole lot of calories and then going back to sleep, which packs on the pounds.

These are just some of the signs and symptoms of food addiction. If you feel as though your weight is getting out of control and you don’t know what to do about it, seek professional help immediately.

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