Do Quick Weight Loss Diets Work?

Quick weight loss diets are frequently called “fad” and “crash” diets, and with good reason. Few offer results that last, and many are simply unhealthy. Weight loss experts such as Dr. James Kojian of recommend making over the diet with appetite-suppressing foods, and trying Phentermine, his miracle supplement. A safe and effective weight loss solution currently gaining popularity in Fort Lauderdale, FL, let’s look at some of the risks of fad diets, and the benefits of Phentermine:

Crash Diet Risks

Risks of crash/fad diets include the following:

  • Slower Metabolism: One of the many problems with fad, low-caloric diets is they slow the metabolism. Since you want to boost the metabolism to lose weight, this is a very big problem!
  • Loose Skin: Crash diets often leave unsightly stretch marks as well as loose skin. Many times, loose skin requires surgical removal.
  • Malnutrition: Because many fad diets are strict or barely qualify as diets, such as the Master Cleanse, malnutrition frequently results.
  • Unhealthy Relationships: Fad diets may cause eating disorders to develop, and a subsequent unhealthy relationship with food.

Phentermine Benefits

Rather than feeling frustrated by fad diets, Dr. Kojian recommends changing eating habits by switching out processed foods for whole foods that boost the metabolism, reduce the appetite, and burn fat. Phentermine adds significantly to the positive effects of eating healthfully, as it stimulates certain hormones to reduce appetite. The stomach shrinks over time as a result, and stays shrunken even after you’ve completed your Phentermine regimen.

Dr. Kojian sends an appetite-suppressing food list with each order of Phentermine and is always happy to recommend his top weight loss tips to clients.

Change your body and change your life by forgoing fad diets in favor of Phentermine and healthy eating!

For more on Phentermine weight loss in Fort Lauderdale, please contact Dr. Kojian today.

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