The Kardashians are famous for numerous reasons, including using questionable methods to lose weight. Kim, Khloe, and crew have used “flat tummy” teas, waist trainers, and now plastic weight loss suits to drop unwanted pounds. Waist trainers are considered somewhat dangerous, while weight loss teas may or may not help. So how about these plastic suits? Should you consider investing in one as part of your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen?

What The Kardashians Say

“I’m wearing a full sweat suit ’cause I gotta lose this extra, like, 7 pounds,” Kardashian West, who gave birth to her second child 16 months ago, told her Snapchat followers.

Khloe Kardashian has also praised her “sauna suit.”

“I like wearing the sauna suit during cardio, but you burn more calories and break a sweat faster even if you’re lifting weights,” she told her app followers.

What The Experts Say

“This is so old school and so horrible,” exercise physiologist and Beat The Gym author Tom Holland told Health. Holland says all these suits do is help you drop water weight, and they do not guarantee long-term results by any means.

“If all you care about is the number on the scale, then sure, this method will temporarily change that,” Holland says. “But you’re also putting on a suit that doesn’t breathe so it’s potentially dangerous and the worst-case scenario is death.”

Sauna suits mimic the symptoms of heat stroke.

What To Do Instead

Holland recommends high-intensity interval training to help you lose weight fast. Consider an HIIT routine if you are looking for a workout to complement your Phentermine regimen.

“With HIIT, you’re going to burn abdominal fat, which is the last few pounds of a weight loss goal for many people,” he says. “Plus, you can potentially continue to burn calories after the workout with HIIT.”

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