According to a review by the University of Montreal that was published in in Occupational & Environmental Medicine, treadmill and cycling workstations burn only slightly more calories than standing desk options. Take a moment to learn about this study if office fitness is part of your new weight loss routine.

Going Too Slow

Cycling or using the treadmill slowly at work stations has shown to have no significant increase in elevation or burn many calories.

“It’s great that scientists are looking into these alternative types of workstations. However … drawing conclusions in terms of the clinical significance of these findings based on the given data would be premature and a disservice to the community,” said Susan Kotowski, PhD, of the University of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences, who was not involved with the study.

“Understanding the true effects of interacting with these workstations would take weeks, months, or even years,” she added. “Some of the immediate physiological and psychobiological results found could be amplified over time, could decrease, or could even disappear as an individual adapts to the workstation. An hour or a day is nowhere near long enough to understand what is truly happening.”

Can Still Prove Helpful

While these workstations may not provide serious health benefits, they still provide welcome alternatives to sitting all day long.

“In a perfect world, everyone would be exercising 30 to 45 minutes most days and limiting sitting time to <6-8 hours per day and avoiding sitting for more than 30 minutes straight,” said Chip Lavie, MD, of the John Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute in New Orleans. “This is far from the case, so any efforts to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary time are good ideas.”
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