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Dieters share their biggest weight loss mistakes

Help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts by learning from the mistakes other dieters have made. You may find you are unwittingly injuring your weight loss efforts!

Quitting Early

“I reverted back to my old ways and bad habits,” Carrie Burrows, PhD in Nutritional Science revealed after she gained too much weight during pregnancy. “The biggest mistake was quitting when the results weren’t showing up when I wanted them to. When I would fall off the wagon, I would go into a cycle. Eat junk, gain weight, be miserable. The thought of starting over again was overwhelming.”

Setting micro-goals broke her of this habit.

“I realized that I need to have rules or boundaries so I don’t slip back into overeating,” she says.

Not Being Honest About Your Weight Gain

“Several years ago, I successfully lost 90 pounds in 14 months after years of unsuccessful attempts,” dieter Kat Carney says. “In the past, I told myself that I had a slow metabolism, or I was big boned. When I took an honest look and inventory of my lifestyle, the signs were crystal clear, [such as being] very sedentary, [or having] poor eating choices and habits. Now that I had a roadmap, I was able to address my habits one by one.”

Eating Out All The Time

“One of the main reasons I was overweight is that I ate out virtually every day,” Carney continued. “Each time I would try to lose weight, I would go on a diet and eat low-fat and I would be miserable. Plus, I had no roadmap for how to eat long term. This last time, I knew I had to learn how to cook healthy, quick, easy-to-make, flavorful meals that I loved as much as my favorite restaurant meals.”

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