Hitting the 40-year mark does not have to mean losing weight is impossible. Maintaining your metabolism and losing the weight you want is easy with the right diet, exercise routine, and Phentermine 37.5mg. Use these fantastic weight loss tips specifically for people over 40 to win the battle of the bulge:

Do A Little Comfort Food Retooling

When you eat things to which you’re sensitive or intolerant, you get an increase of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine, so you literally get a high,” says Pamela Wartian Smith, M.D.. This explains why you crave those exact foods you should avoid at all times. Such foods often cause inflammation and dull your energy level, so think about which options you crave the most and find healthy alternatives.

Forget Fad Diets

Fad or yo-yo dieting is ineffective and unhealthy. It often includes nutrient restrictions as well as metabolism slumps, so stick to making healthy food choices and remaining as active as possible instead. Your body will thank you!

Use Mason Jars

Use mason jars to store healthy food options such as salads and overnight oats to help you slim down. Food prep is an outstanding way to help your weight loss efforts because you will not feel tempted to order takeout after a hard day’s work when cooking is the last thing you want to do. A little food prep on a weekend day provides the nutritious foods you need all week long.

Avoid Viral Videos On Facebook

Those videos for making brownies quickly and the like? They are not helping your waistline.

The internet and social media sites are basically making you fat,” Lisa Hayim, MS, RD says. “If it isn’t 25 ways to eat tater tots then it’s [another] national [something] day. The internet has made it basically impossible to stay away from cravings and indulgences. These are not excuses to eat unhealthy food.”

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