Welcome to Part 2 of this series! Check out more diet and fitness tips from pop supergroup Little Mix to inspire your Phentermine 37.5mg efforts.

Focus On Different Body Parts Each Time You Work Out

“It depends what kind of body part you want to tone really – I focus on my legs and abs. It’s good to do a different [body part] every time you go to the gym; focus on legs, focus on arms, focus on abs”, while Perrie added that “circuit training is good, because then it’s not boring and it makes it more fun. “–Leigh-Anne

Have Cheat Days Every Once In Awhile

“I don’t eat whatever I want when I want it, otherwise I’d be fricking huge. In moderation. I can’t live my life not having any cheat days. I’ll be healthy and then just occasionally I’ll have the bad cheat day.”–Jesy

Make A Great Workout Playlist

“[I listen to] power anthems [and] Little Mix. I listen to Scooter and Cascada, it gets you proper pumped. It really makes you wanna move.” –Jade

Don’t Force Working Out

“We dance a lot, so that’s our main exercise. Me, Jesy and Jade try to go to the gym as much as we can. I tend to go in hard when I know I’m going on holiday and I’ve got to get my body out. Three times a week, but I’m gonna have to go in [this time] because I haven’t trained for six months. It’s ridiculous. I’m off the bandwagon.”–Leigh-Anne

Remember That Every Little Bit Helps

“If I don’t go to the gym I try to do squats and sit ups before I go to bed.”–Jade

Find Ways To Motivate Yourself Through The Toughest Parts Of Your Workout

“When you literally feel like you can’t go on. I swear a lot. That gets me through it. I have to have a trainer that’s shouting at me. I can’t have someone that’s like ‘you’re doing really well’, I need someone who shouts at me.”–Jesy

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