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Diet and fitness tips from scott herman

Scott Herman is a celebrated personal trainer who got his start as a housemate on MTV’s The Real World: Brooklyn. He’s also a gay rights activist and model. Let’s check out a few of his best diet and exercise tips for fast weight loss in for women:

Be Consistent

“It’s all about being consistent,” Herman told Logo about how he stays in great shape. “Most people will skip a day, then a week, then a month, and then a year. Even if you are tired, it’€™s still 100 percent better to go to the gym and at least go through the motions because it will help get you in the mood to WANT to workout the next day. You release stress at the gym and it helps you focus. Me personally? If I don’€™t exercise for a day or two, I get fidgety like a 6-year- old who has to stand in the corner. I NEED the gym, it keeps me balanced!”

Put a Meal Plan Together

On getting beach body-ready:

“Put together a meal plan!! There is no quick fix because you are just going to gain all that fat BACK!! Who wants that? Why not stay in shape so by next summer you look even better??”

Machines Aren’t Necessary

“Machines have their place,” Herman has said, adding that he utilizes them for ab workouts and that’s it. He prefers cardio to stay leaner.

YouTube Resource

Herman offers free advice and workout videos through his popular YouTube channel and official website. If you’re looking to start a new exercise routine without having to join a gym or pay for workout DVDs, check out Herman’s YouTube channel and learn more.

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