Fitness expert and celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow among others, and is the creator of the Tracy Anderson Method. She’s shared lots of diet and exercise advice throughout her career for fast weight loss, so let’s check out some of her best tips:

Be Honest With Yourself

“Have a real conversation about where you’re at with your health. You need to find exercises with some sort of strategy behind them, a strategy for how you want your body to look and perform. Even if the CrossFit class down the street works with your schedule, for example, you shouldn’t be taking that class if you don’t want a CrossFit body. Similarly, if you want to look like a bodybuilder, then you’re not the best candidate for my DVD. Get real with yourself. Understand how you move.”

Diet and Exercise Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

“The biggest mistake my clients make is saying, “I need to lose weight before I work out.” You never want to just “diet” weight off before you start working it off. Exercise is part of it! If you have weight to lose, you have to train yourself to be good at exercise. And diet is definitely important, but it’s not about calorie restriction — it’s more about eating whole and organic foods. You should enjoy foods that are life-giving instead of damaging to your body. Avoid processed foods, and include foods that as are as close to nature as possible, as well as greens and superfoods like mulberries. I eat organic chocolate every single day.”

Work Out During the Holiday Season to Avoid Weight Gain

“It’s notorious that people gain weight around the holidays and then we’ve got this really mean reality of New Year’s resolutions. I hope everyone uses the program throughout the holidays. I highly encourage it. Also, please stick with your exercise. You can take the holiday day off but don’t take the day before and the day after off. You have to exercise.”

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