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Desk Exercises

Sitting at your desk doesn’t have to be all work and no exercise. Many spend a good portion of their lives at a desk, so why not make more of it and help your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen? Tone muscles and get your body ready for summer with the following simple exercises:


Arms are often a problem area for women as they get older, making it important to exercise them regularly. Consistent arm exercising will also help ensure you never have to deal with dreaded “bat wing” arms. Simple arm exercises for work include triceps dips while in between client calls; use the side of your desk or edge of your chair. Put your arms behind you, grip the chair, and slowly lower yourself up and down.

Legs and Feet

The legs and feet are some of the easier body parts to work while sitting at a desk. Try calf raises by slowly lifting your heels off the floor and lowering them back down, repeating on each leg. Leg lifts are also quite easy – extend your leg straight out until it is level with your hip, hold for for as long as you can, and repeat with other leg, alternating as you go. Your hips also need to be stretched and worked out, especially when sitting for long periods of time. Stretch them with hip flexes: lift your leg and bend your knee to a 90 degree angle, hold for as long as you can, then repeat on other side.


While exercise is extremely important to live a healthy lifestyle, so is stretching…yet another easy task to perform at work! Try shoulder raises: raise shoulders to ears, hold and relax, and repeat as many times as needed. Torso stretches provide a full body stretch: inhale, grab the back side of your chair and turn, then doing the same on the other side, repeating as many times as necessary. Lastly, the act of standing up and sitting down without using hands is a stretch. Keep this in mind each time you step away from your desk.

Happy deskercising!

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