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Decide on a post-workout snack early, study says

What you eat after you exercise either helps your weight loss efforts or derails them. A new study says deciding on a post-workout snack before you start exercising makes a significant difference in your selection. Learn about this study as part of your Phentermine 37.5 mg weight loss program.

Apple Vs. Brownie

Researchers from University of Nebraska-Lincoln asked two groups of study participants to decide if they wanted an apple, brownie, or no snack at all following their exercise sessions. About 74% of participants who were asked this question before working out chose the apple compared to 55% of participants who were asked after their session…and chose the brownie. Researchers found making the decision prior to working out has a positive, diet-friendly result.

“We found that there was very little research on this very tangible thing that I think everyone can relate to,” said Karsten Koehler, assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences. “If your goal is to lose weight, then I would say our findings support that you’re better off making the choice … not when you’re hungry after your workout, but instead before you go to the gym.”

Timing & Food Choices

The study builds on earlier research about timing and food choices that notes people are more likely to make healthy decisions when they are thinking ahead.

“There have been a lot of lab studies that have looked at appetite and hunger,” Koehler said. “Most of these studies have found that right after exercise, you seem to be less hungry. I’ve always looked at these studies and wondered: Does it have such a strong impact that you can use this window after you exercise to say, ‘Because I’m not hungry, I’m going to make a really good choice about what I eat’? But knowing myself and many other exercisers, there’s also the notion that after you exercise, you want to reward yourself.”

While more research is still needed, try making your snack decision before you work out to see if you notice a difference!

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