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Cooking healthy meals tips from the pros

Cooking healthy meals at home is one of the best ways to ensure the Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss results you want. Review the following meal prep tips from experts, as they will save you from those “I don’t have the time or the inclination to cook” days.

Calculate What You Need

“Start with the simple math of how much you’d want to enjoy at a single meal,” says Cassy Joy Garcia, author of the cookbook Fed & Fit. “I typically recommend 4-6 ounces of protein, about half a cup of a vegetable-based starch (like a squash or potato), and at least one cup of cooked vegetables. If you’re preparing meals for five days of the week, simply multiply!”

Write It Out

Make a schedule of what you and family members will be eating that day. It makes the process much easier! For example, if you know you will need the oven for several hours, write out what you can bake at the same time. This is true for any kitchen equipment you plan to use. “Meal prepping doesn’t have to take all day! It can go by quickly if you have a thought-out plan of action,” says Garcia.

Use Versatile Ingredients

Cook large meal components such as rice at once, then store them in the fridge and freezer for use with different meals. You will save a lot of time if all you have to do is stir-fry some veggies and add them to already-cooked foods.

Prep Foods You Really Like

Remember to prep foods you truly like and enjoy. If you don’t like what’s waiting for you in the fridge, you aren’t going to eat them. This is especially true if leftover takeout is available!

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