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Common mistakes that result in regaining weight

As important as losing weight is, keeping it off is just as essential. Rather than potentially throwing away all the great work you’ve put in using Phentermine 37.5mg, review the following tips for keeping your waistline where you want it.

Skip Crashing Dieting

“While fad diets may be fast-acting, they’re unsustainable and don’t show you how to keep the excess weight off,” says fitness expert Adam Rosante, creator of The People’s Bootcamp. “As soon as you go off whatever plan you’re on, the pounds come creeping back to where they were, and then some.”

Don’t Indulge TOO Much

Sure, indulging every once in awhile is just fine, but be careful not to do it every day, as it adds up quickly. Say no to the extra glass of wine at dinner or the donuts in the office breakroom!

“People might loosen up in places where they were stricter during their diet,” says nutritionist Keri Gans, author of The Small Change Diet. “You might push the limits, and sometimes push too far.”

Avoid Misdiagnosing Hunger

Are you really hunger, or just thirsty? Thirst is frequently mistaken for hunger. Additionally, a sudden restriction in calories can make your body think it’s starving. Avoid these problems by staying hydrated, chewing your food slowly so your body recognizes when it’s full, and eliminating distractions as you eat.

Get Enough Sleep

Failure to get enough shut-eye is another path to weight gain.

“When you are tired, your body craves carbohydrates, and when you’re tired, you don’t want to make the healthier choice,” says Gans. “Starting the morning on the wrong foot can make you feel like the day has been ruined so you continue to eat unhealthily all day long.”

Get enough sleep, listen to your body, forget crash diets, and don’t overindulge!

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