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Common habits that prevent exercise

It happens to everyone: you wanted to exercise, but you just didn’t get around to it. Unfortunately this can turn into a continual problem, and one that won’t help your Phentermine 37.5mg weight loss efforts. Rather than falling into a no-workout rut, review the following daily habits that are preventing you from working up a sweat…and make the necessary changes!

Bad Habit #1: No Food Till Lunch

Not feeling hungry in the morning is a typical problem, as is not having enough time to eat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason, with recent research indicating overweight individuals who eat breakfast are more likely to exercise. They also burn 200 more calories in the morning over those who don’t chow down until lunchtime. Try slow-burning fat and protein options, such as avocados, cheese, yogurt, and eggs. You’ll give yourself more energy and won’t feel like your stomach is eating itself when it’s time for lunch.

Bad Habit #2: Too Much Social Media

Scrolling through your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds eats up (no pun intended) more time than you think–time you could be using to sweat to the oldies.

“It’s common to see my clients lose themselves in Facebook and Twitter and miss a workout,” says Aja Davis, the founder of New Body Bootcamp in Brooklyn, NY.

Try limiting how much time you spend on social media every day…after all, do you really need to see another Instagram photo of your friend’s dinner?

Bad Habit #3: You’re All About Work

Working late and stressing about your job constantly make it very easy to stop exercising. Not only are you missing out on an activity that helps you lose weight, you’re also depriving yourself of the stress-busting benefits exercise provides. Work out in the morning before the craziness starts to put yourself in a great mindset for the day.

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