Cindy Crawford is one of the most iconic models on the planet, and continues to look great despite being well into her 40s. The supermodel has shared numerous diet and fitness tips over the years, any of which you can utilize on your own fast weight loss journey:

Her Exercise Regimen

“I work out with my trainer, Sarah Hagaman, three mornings a week,” Crawford told Shape. “We do circuit training for the whole body using weights, some machines, and my own body weight with lunges and squats. We usually do about 10 minutes of weights and then a five-minute cardio segment. Right now we are into running stairs, but we switch it up. We repeat the 10-minute weight and five-minute cardio at least three times and then we finish up with abs and stretching. If I can squeeze in a hike or bike ride with my husband or a girlfriend during the week, that’s just a bonus!”

Her Liquid Intake

Crawford mainly sticks to water to avoid liquid calories. “I drink green tea, but I had to stop drinking as much caffeine as I used to,” she said to Women’s Health. “I had stomach issues, so coffee—especially on an empty stomach—doesn’t really agree with me. Tequila, though, kills all the bugs. My husband enjoys having a cocktail, so I can’t make him drink alone.”

Her Diet

“Diet-wise, I don’t eat crap, and I don’t eat a lot of packaged foods,” she says. “I could easily be vegetarian, but it’s not practical with my family. I try to be 80 percent good 80 percent of the time.”

She also snacks!

“I snack between breakfast and lunch and again at 4pm so I’m not starving by the time I eat dinner,” Crawford has said. “I eat healthy starting with egg white omelettes or yogurt or bran flakes for breakfast and lean chicken with lots of veggies for dinner.”

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