A new study from the University of Cambridge found children who walk to and from school every day are less likely to be overweight than those who take the bus or get rides. Results from the research were published in the BMC Public Health journal, and were based on the studying of over 2,000 primary-age children attending school in London, England. Learn about this study as part of your commitment to fast weight loss with Phentermine 37.5mg, as you may want to pass the information on to your children.

Body Fat & Muscle Mass

Instead of relying on Body Mass Index (BMI) to measure obesity in the participants, researchers reviewed their body fat and muscle mass. BMI looks at total weight, including healthy muscle mass, instead of focusing solely on body fat. Researchers compared their results to the participants’ activity levels, such as whether they walk to school or not.

Both BMI itself and the points at which high BMI is associated with poor health vary with age, sex and ethnicity,” said Lander Bosch, a PhD candidate in Cambridge’s Department of Geography, and the study’s first author. “While adjustments have been made in recent years to account for these variations, BMI remains a flawed way to measure the health risks associated with obesity.”

Lower Body Fat

Children who walked or biked to school regularly had lower body fat than those who did not.

“The link between frequent participation in sport and obesity levels has generated inconsistent findings in previous research, but many of these studies were looking at BMI only,” said Bosch. “However, when looking at body fat instead, we showed there was a trend whereby children who were not active were more likely to be overweight or obese. It’s likely that when looking at BMI, some inactive children aren’t classified as obese due to reduced muscle mass.”

Researchers note their findings are essential to learning more about obesity and its relationship to different types of physical activity.
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